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Our Story


Natural ReLeaf is a family based local CBD company founded by Louisiana native, Veronica. She handcrafts CBD infused salves, tinctures and topicals that contain natural plants, beeswax and oils to help ease aches and pains. After extensive research about hemp and seeing the healing effects it has on her family and others, she decided to create Natural ReLeaf. Natural ReLeaf's hemp infused products offer a natural alternative to the harsh prescription or over the counter drugs widely used today. Veronica is very passionate about her handmade products and understands the healing benefits of hemp and how much it can help those who suffer from a variety of ailments. 

Veronica has an anthropology degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. There she worked with small farmers in Mississippi and Louisiana and wrote her thesis that involved the benefits of local farming and using organic, natural products. After learning about the horrible additives popular companies not only put into our food, but also our medications and skin care products, she began to stress the importance of living life naturally using Earth's wonderful remedies.   

She began Natural ReLeaf in 2018 serving only friends and family. With all the success and positive feedback, she expanded to local farmers markets & festivals, opened an online store, and wholesale opportunities to local retailers in order to spread the good word to the community about all the natural "releaf." 


Veronica pride's herself on handcrafting all of the products while using a variety of homegrown ingredients. She enjoys traveling around the gulf coast with her family to local markets and festivals, educating communities about the healing effects of cannabis.CBD is helping open the minds to the benefits of the hemp plant and we love hearing all the beautiful, health-giving testimonies from their customers. She is truly blessed to make products that help her community through natural medicine! 

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