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A Louisiana Cannabis Company

Making tiny batches with love since 2018

Natural ReLeaf is a family-owned hemp company based out of Mandeville, Louisiana. We are licensed to grow, manufacture, and produce high quality hemp in order to offer hand-crafted products to our community and beyond. You can find us throughout the gulf coast at your local markets and festivals spreading the good word about cannabis! We pride ourselves on hand-making our products using all natural plant-based ingredients because we believe in the power of plants. It brings us joy to provide a more natural alternative that can enhance your quality of life using gifts from nature.


We started Natural ReLeaf in 2018 to help educate our community about CBD,  cannabis and other natural plants & oils. Natural ReLeaf provides the community with safe CBD products using organic hemp and natural ingredients that were carefully considered and crafted. We are passionate about being hands-on in our company and strive to offer natural products that help promote a healthier, happier you. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of 113 known cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. What's so amazing is that humans and most mammals naturally produce cannabinoids as well, called endogenous cannabinoids. Researchers continue to find therapeutic benefits to CBD/cannabinoids and learn how they harmonize with our body's systems. When you use CBD, it directs your body to produce more of its own endogenous cannabinoids, which enhances homeostasis and overall well-being. 

CBD Salve
Natural ReLeaf CBD Products

Natural ReLeaf is the perfect name for our company because we love and respect all things natural! We use organic plant-based oils, butters and beeswax in all of our products to better benefit your mind, body, and skin! Our products are a special gift from nature that promotes balance and improves health and wellness naturally. 

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Natural ReLeaf uses all natural ingredients and organically grown, hemp from Colorado. Our product's ingredients are carefully considered and infused with 100 % pure planted-based oils.

Handmade with love

Because there are so many CBD products on the market, we wanted to bring something unique and 

special to Lousiana and the surrounding areas. Our family-ran business hand-makes all of our products in Mandeville, Louisiana.


no thc

At the moment, we use CBD isolates in all of our products, so there are no traces of THC. Our isolates are 99.9% pure cannabidiol and all our products are tested through ProVerde Labs. Soon we will offer a full spectrum hemp oil from Louisiana.

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Chemical Free

We are strongly opposed to genetically modified seeds/plants and we do not support companies that use GMO's. Our products are all non-GMO and pesticide free. 

Our TEstimonies

› "I was so impressed with Natural ReLeaf salve. As someone with eczema & very sensitive skin I am always very careful about what I put on my body. I was so happy with the Natural ReLeaf salve & how quickly it worked on my irritated skin. I loved that there was no sticky or wax residue/feeling & no harsh medical smell. Overnight my dry, itchy, red skin was soothed & I was left with smooth, healthy skin that looked better than before. Now I keep a tin in my purse for everyday use on cuts & dry patches." 

Katy R. Pensacola, FL

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