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Growing hemp is about to be legal for the first time in nearly a century

Our leaders are finally realizing how important hemp was and will be in our future! This new law will not only help people medicinally, but also, it will better our economy and our environment! There are still major components that need to be worked out, but this is an amazing, progressive step forward! Never lose hope!

Hemp is such a beneficial crop! Not only is it amazing for your health and skin, but also the fibers and stalks are used in hemp clothing, construction materials, paper, biofuel, plastic composites, and more! Hemp products can be recycled, reused and are 100% biodegradable. Hemp can help reduce global warming because it takes out large amounts of carbon dioxide per acre, more than most plants! Woop woop! Just another reason to love hemp, CBD, and sustainable living!

And of course as we all know the wonderful compound CBD derives from this miraculous plant called hemp. It has been disregarded and under-researched for years now, but the natural powers of hemp and it's compounds cannot be pushed aside anymore. Individuals like you and me are spreading the good word and are experiencing the healing effects first hand! People can definitely make a change in society, our laws, and the environment just by small, everyday actions! All it takes is passion, determination, and the will to do good for humanity and nature! We love hemp and are so excited to see how it will be utilized in the future!

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