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A Story from Leroy

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

A shared experience from a man that used Natural ReLeaf's Healing Salve

This is from a man who used one of my sample salves for his pains. Read to see why he came back for more!

An Note from Leroy -

Hi Veronica.

It was very nice visiting with you this morning and relaying my own experiences using your CBD Healing Salve.

As you could probably tell, I am thrilled at the prospect of not having to use over-the-counter and prescription drugs (which don’t always work anyway, and have serious side effects) for my shoulder pain.  I plan to tell all my friends about this amazing product.

I promised to send you this email I wrote to friends in Maryland and North Louisiana.  I will also be sharing it with others in the future on my blog site.

Here’s the email.  Feel free to use it as part of your promotional program

Again, thank you for creating a great product that works.


Leroy McMillin

Covington, Louisiana

Leroy's email to his friends and family -

“Good morning.

As you probably know, and experienced, there are ‘aches and pains’ that come with getting older.  They don’t go away, and usually get worse.  I may have stumbled on something of a miracle that helps deal with it.

Read this.  You can thank me later.

I’ve never been a marijuana user so I’m light years behind knowing anything about it.

But our friend in Fort Myers was prescribed Medical Marijuana a few months ago after having open heart surgery.  And he may be soon scheduled for his second leg amputation due to diabetes.  And there are other issues that result in a life of pain.

But he went from almost total disability due to pain to almost no pain after being prescribed medical marijuana.

That’s when I became interested in it as a possible solution to my own on-going pain that seems to get worse every day.  Only I thought Louisiana did not allow medical marijuana.  So I didn’t bother to even ask my doctor about it.  I’ve since learned that was legalized a few months ago.

No, I’m not interested in taking up smoking marijuana like a teenager.  I’m not even sure I would know how.

But, imagine my surprise when we ran across a lady selling ‘CBD’ infused products at the local Farmers Market/Craft Fair.  Her brochure explained that CBD is not illegal in spite of its marijuana source.  Yes, it comes from the marijuana plant.  Here’s what her brochure says about it:

I’ve since learned that I can buy CBD Oil and other products through Amazon. 

She gave us a 1oz sample of her CBD Salve, and a small bottle of Body Lotion.  Both contain the CBD oil.

I hoped that it would help me because for months my shoulder pain actually got worse after I went to bed.  And it was frequently bad enough to wake me from ‘restful sleep’ and cause me to go into ‘restless sleep.’  Sometimes I actually had to exit the bed and sleep sitting in my chair in order to get any sleep at all.

As I have mentioned in the past, my Select Comfort mattress actually measures my sleep pattern and shows me each morning how well I slept.  My ‘restless sleep’ was getting to be more frequent and more painful each night, so I was starting to lose a lot of sleep as a result.

I keep a daily log of my health/sleep details and I can see how well I’m sleeping, but also changing patterns in my blood pressure and weight. 

This is a summary and graph of my sleep on a typical night before taking the CBD:

And this was the first night’s results after using CBD:

(The green is restful sleep, orange is restless sleep, and red is out of bed)

(Sleep # is the mattress firmness.  Sleep IQ is my sleep score compared to ideal.

Here’s what the actual Select Comfort daily chart looks like for the one above dated 9-25-18.

This is the data I want my doctor to see. 

The lady only gave us a small 1 oz sample of her CBD Salve, which is enough to use for about a week.

She also gave us a small bottle of the lotion. Judy tried it on her hand after they became so painful from doing glass work that she could hardly use her hands.  Within about 30 minutes her pain was almost completely gone.  She too is now a believer.

Yes, I will definitely be talking to my doctor about it on my next visit, but I want to show him the graphic results of my improved sleep over an extended period of time as a direct result of the CBD’s reducing my shoulder pain (which I thought was arthritis and untreatable).  Now I have little or no pain in the shoulder, day or night. 

Another plus is that I’m not taking multiple Tylenol X-strength tablets each day and especially at night.  I’m repeatedly warned that Tylenol is not good for the liver or kidney.

I also seem to be able to concentrate better now that the pain isn’t constantly in my thoughts.  And dreams are not as frequent or as complex as in the past.

Oh, and I learned that although Louisiana now allows medical marijuana, it’s actually on a case by case basis for only a few aliments.  The only ones I would qualify for to ‘maybe’ get a medical marijuana prescription is for my ‘glaucoma,’ and maybe for my ‘chronic pain.’

Apparently, CBD is legal because it does not have the ‘high’ that comes from THC ingredient in marijuana.  And that means we may not have to suffer from the pain after all.  Could we be so lucky…

I’ve actually set up a gadget on my Blog Site for links to important information about CBD.

I thought I would share this with you, since you are probably like me when it comes to even thinking about marijuana, much less knowing anything about it.

You’re welcome.”

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