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Spring is here! And soon Louisiana grown hemp?

You can tell it's the first day of Spring in Louisiana! I love riding around and looking at all the beautiful azalea's and plants beginning to bloom!

Did you know that many flowers and herbs produce something called terpenes? Terpenes give plants a specific aroma that encompasses many healing benefits such as a natural anti-inflammatory, promotes relaxation, and more. Common plants that contain terpenes are lavender, black pepper, and eucalyptus, but our favorite is the hemp plant!

The development of terpenes in cannabis begins for purposes such as to repel predators and lure pollinators (that's why hemp is a natural pesticide and great for bees). There are over 100 different terpenes that have been identified in the cannabis plant, and the presence of any given terpene creates an "Entourage Effect," enabling cannabinoids like CBD to be better utilized throughout the body. "Their differences can be subtle, but terpenes can add great depth to the horticultural art and connoisseurship of cannabis. Most importantly, terpenes may offer additional medical value as they mediate our body’s interaction with therapeutic cannabinoids."

2000 mg CBD Isolate Tincture & 400 mg CBD Healing Salve

You can utilize terpenes when using whole plant therapies (essential oils) or a full spectrum cannabidiol oil. Since Natural ReLeaf only uses CBD isolates at the moment, you do not receive the extra benefits of terpenes. (Although we do use lavender and eucalyptus in some of our topical products). We pride ourselves on making our own products by hand and hope that one day we will be able to offer our users a full spectrum oil that is grown on our own 14 acre farm out of the great state of Louisiana! 🌿💚

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